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Are you concerned about COVID-19 impacting online shopping behavior? Are you tired of trying to figure things out but not knowing where to start? Are you ready to stop feeling lost and clueless? Are you willing to start exploring what can be improved and face the challenge of keeping your business not only afloat, but also growing?

Are you ready for a crisis management e-Book that’s more than an empty promise? Of course! It’s time to get your pen and paper out because we have an actionable checklist of things you and your business can do NOW.

  • Learn what to check first to keep your customers happy: how to handle your product catalog in a way which is not costing you Google rankings and customer satisfaction;
  • Learn all about optimizing performance, how and why your site crashes, and why it’s crucial to load test (especially if you are selling essentials!);
  • Integrations health check: how to track your site speed, make sure nothing is broken, and users can checkout;
  • Communicate with your customers after they’ve bought something: remind them why they chose you and offer premium post-purchase experience;
  • Practice doing more by investing in the long term: it is possible to think about what the future brings, and it’s not hard or impossible to create it. Let us help you embody what your brand stands for.

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We want you in control. We want you to grow.

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